~Hustler Course~

The Hustler course, coming in at only a measly $45 per lesson, is a course for TRUE hustlers, and people who are truly serious about making bank. This course is best taken with minor hustling knowlege, such as the D.R.I.P method, and many hustling tecniques offered in the beginner course, so many dedicated hustlers will want to buy both courses, unless you're feeling confident you can handle it. This course offers lessons any hustler absoloutly has to know, and knowledge that will carry you for a lifetime. It has intermediate knowledge, a step up from the beginner course, and a must for anyone graduating from that course. This course will teach you important skills for success, charisma, happiness, and other important things for living life in a fulfilling way. This course is for serious learners only, and only those who really strive for success and happiness can handle it. These lessons aren't for wimps who will give up. This course is not for pissbabies who ask their mommy's permission to stay up past 8:30. This course is for real men, women, or whatever you are. This is a serious grind that will give you the moxy and power to re-invent yourself. No more pussy shit, except all the pussy you're gonna be getting when you take this course! This is for REAL hustlers, people who are willing to really grind, and most importantly, people who seriously want to make their millions. This course contains three detailed and knowledge packed lessons that'll teach you what you need to know at your level.

Included lessons in this package:

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