~About Us!~

Lambathia is the self made CEO of Lambathia Incorporated™, a company dedicated to creating new hustlers and improving people's lives. She has a long list of accomplishments, including her rapping career, other business ventures, and her never ending fight to rebuild the Roman Empire. Born in Rome, Italy with not much to her name and planty of struggles of her own, Lambathia worked her way up to becoming the hustler she is today. Ever since childhood, she has been working on, and reworking her grindset to perfection. And now, rapper, CEO, artist, and hustle queen Lambathia is willing to share her secrets with the world, to help other, less fortunate people reinvent themselves and gain newfound success. She wants to let you know that you too, can becom a successful businessperson like her. You too, can drip.

Lambathia is also the inventor of Lambcoin™, a new skyrocketing cryptocurrency taking the markets by storm. Get in while prices are still low, you'll be glad you did!

Lambathia Incorporated™ is an already successful startup company that's growing more and more by the minute, already soon to make millions. We hire and serve all types, we don't discriminate. Lambathia Incorporated™ is based in Italy (and based in general), and has already expanded westward towards the US, and is soon to expand worldwide. Everyone working for the Lambathia Incorporated™ team is an extremely talented, kind, trustworthy, and successful person, especially our CEO. Here at Lambathia Incorporated™, We're a family.

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